Jorge Jaramillo

Jorge Jaramillo was born in Medellin Colombia. He thought that one day he would be a musician but life took him in other directions. When he was 18 he went on holiday to Argentina and never returned. After studying cinema and animation in Buenos Aires and without giving up his musical interest, he began working as a director in a production company and animation house and later with, where he continues to work to date. Meanwhile his band "Los Animales Superforros." released it's first album "Coplas" The accompanying video clip "Chacabit" was chosen as one of the top 10 music videos of 2012 by Inrockuptibles magazine .Jorge's path has led him to work with a combination of visual effects and live action. Stop motion, simple VFX, puppets and traditional 2d animation all help in achieving a unique visual expression.

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